T R A C E O R O Z C Oart & illustration

Lutong Bahay Project


UVAS Wine Club Inaugural Art Feature

Iced Coffee & Toast Commission

Mamasons Birthday Commission

MIKASA Asian & Spanish Fusion Restaurant Branding

Chirashi Mermaid

Three part birthday commission

Hold | HEROES MV (Unreleased)

Aftermath | HEROES MV (Unreleased)

what are you hiding inside?
young girl in one piece navy blue swimsuit underwater and happily tugged by her giant pet blowfish
lovely day in the ocean with my pet blowfish
pretty mermaid soaking in a big ceramic mug of hot coffee
soak in the coffee goodness
dust motes like makurokuroski creatures from Ghibli filter in to an open window and cozy up to a human burrowing under his covers as he sleeps in during a rainy monday
sleeping in on a cozy rainy monday
mermaid beautifully prepared as delicious, mouth-watering sushi with wasabi, ginger and soy sauce on the side
craving strange sushi
Kolasa. A young student blooming into adulthood
animated drawing of a topshot of cold coffee slowly draining to reveal the head of a serene baby slurping down the coffee
coffee baby
young woman hugging herself with multiple other arms coming around to hug her
give yourself some free hugs
funny girl with a forkful of cake sliced down from shoulder to mid hip revealing her insides to be a cross section of delicious rainbow cake
cake girl no.1
animated happy go lucky girl with a cherry ponytail sucking on a cherry lollipop sliced down from shoulder to waist to reveal a cross section of cherry torte cake
cake girl no.2
two kids, boy and a girl, in . giant yellow paper boat sailing through wicked tides that whirlpools into a big metal drain
sailing into monday without a care
close up of fae creature with stems growing out of her head like hair and blooming beautiful pink flowers with two blue birds twittering over the blooms
bird's nest